Gran Fondo Costa Almeria on 4 May 2019

NEW: Gran Fondo Costa Almeria - 4th of May 2019 – 2 distances

Mojacar has become a familiar name to the sportive cyclist. Through Kortweg Cycling Travel hundreds of cycling tourists have found their way to this fantastic, sunny and sportive holiday destination where names such as Bédar, Puerto de la Virgin, Carboneras and Aguilas have become familiar notions.
These names do not only sound beautiful and familiar, but the images of the undulating coastline from Mojacar to Aquilas or from the quiet roads around Lubrin, Turre, Uleila del Campo or Aqua Amarga have also become lush and familiar views through social media.

It was written in the stars: Mojacar was destined to become one of the Gran Fondo´s on the bucketlist of so many cyclist!
After a first brainstorm between Kortweg Cycling Travel, the management of Hotel Marina Playa, the tourist office of Mojacar, Deputacion Almeria and logistics partner Velofutur, the Gran Fondo Costa Almeria was a fact. On Saturday the 4th of May 2019, the second Gran Fondo Costa Almeria is a fact. Start and arrival will be nearby Hotel Marina Playa along the beautiful coastline of Mojacar.

National and international participants can choose one of two distances: a Gran Fondo over 185 km with 3700 altimeters or a Medio Fondo over 125 km with 2100 altimeters.
After a neutralised start up to Mojacar pueblo, the course of the Gran Fondo runs via Turre, over Los Gallardos to the foot of the first climb: Bédar (10km to 5% average). After the first supply (Lubrin), the new climb El Chieve (4km to 4.7% average) immediately comes up, followed by a short, technical descent. After this you cycle the A1101 to Sorbas (second supply). Via A4101 the course is set to Uleila del Campo (this is the split between the Gran and Medio Fondo). Here starts the loop of 55km with climbs like Puerto de la Virgin (9.5km to 5% average + third supply), Codbar Cruve Chercos (7km to 5% average) and El Toril (3.5km to 4.8% average). Back in Uleila (forth provisioning) the last part of the A5102 is tackled to overcome tricky calfbiter El Campico-Bédar (3.7km to 6.2% average) via Lubrin (last supply) from El Marchal. After a 20km descent through Los Gallardos and Turre you hit the Kortweg Piranha Escalada (1km to 4.7% average), followed by a fast but short descent through Mojacar Pueblo and the coastline to the finish near Hotel Marina Playa. In tot there are 6 official climbs on the menu that vary between catogory 2 and catogory 4, plus one last calfbiter in Mojacar.

The Medio Fondo takes the same route up until the second supply in Sorbas. At the junction in Uleila del Campo, the Medio Fondo turns right towards Lubrin via the A5102 to concquer the challenging El Campico-Bédar (3.7km to 6.2% average) from El Marchal. Then, after a 20km long descent, through Los Gallardos and Turre, you have a last piece of coastline before finishing near the Marina Playa Hotel. With 3 official climbs, the Medio Fondo is a very nice challenge for cyclists who want to take their first steps in the Gran Fondo World!

To ensure safety during the Gran Fondo Costa Almeria 2019, the Ayuntamiento Mojacar, Deputacion Almeria, the Guardia Civil, Guardia Local and participating municipalities are working on a traffic-free/traffic-low course during the Gran and Medio Fondo passages. Official competition cars, the Guardia Civial and Guardia Local will coordinate a safe competition course together with the Urgencias and the voluntary signallers during the Gran Fondo Costa Almeria. The Guardia Civil guarantees a traffic free course between their first yellow flag flag and their last green flag, in collaboration with the competition organization. In addition, all participants must respect the road code (both during climbing and descending).

After the split in Uleila del Campo, the Medio Fondo is only preceded by a competition car from the organization. This means that a traffic-free/traffic-low course is not guaranteed from that point on and all participants of the Medio Fondo must obey the road code (both during climbing and descending). For the Gran Fondo there will be several classifications and podium ceremonies within the age categories, for the Medio Fondo there will be a podium ceremony for the first 3.

We wish every contestant a fun and adventurous race, and especially #CYCLINGWITHASMILE